Duveau Wines’ Progressive Pave on Chinese Market

Duveau Wines Company established in 2012 its Chinese Sales and Communication Office in Shenzhen, a vibrant city just a few kilometers from the international Hong Kong. The group has grown rapidly in 3-year time, with its objective of the year 2014 aiming at 1 million bottles of sales in China, and being one of the top 5 Chilean wines suppliers in the following 3 years.

It is currently one of the principal Chilean wines suppliers in China, notably in the southern region, and will continually expand to the others. The administration is confident in the future of the Chinese wine market.

The Managing Director Asia and son of the CEO Gregoire Duveau says, “The market is still in its commencement but will surely be developed one day by following the trend of the developed markets.”

China passed France and Italy to be the country with the highest consumption of wine in the world in 2013, the consumption per capital nonetheless is ranked 20th only, at around 1.5L per person, according to the latest report from IWSR. On the other hand, the consumption in China has raised 2.75 times between 2007 and 2013. One can certainly notice the great potential behind these figures.

Following the Chinese Central Government’s effort to fight against corruption by suppressing excessive consumption of public funds since last year, the market is entering a period of restructuration which the group welcomes, for a new arena - a more professional and structured market. In view of the free trade agreement signed between Chile and China, customs duties on Chilean wines are completely waived in 2015.

The group is optimistic about the development of Chilean wines in China.