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  • Grand Reserve
    Cabernet Sauvignon

    Appearance:Intense ruby red colour.

    Nose: Intense nose of ripe strawberry, anis, liquorice and caramel.

    In mouth: Fresh and round on the palate with firm tannins that combine well with the toasty finish

    Pairing recommendation: Roasted short ribs with aromatic spices.

  • Grand Reserve

    Appearance: Deep ruby red colour with cherry highlights.

    Nose: Intense nose of raspberry, candied fruit, spices and toasting.

    In mouth: Complex, balanced and supple on the palate.

    Pairing recommendation:  Prosciutto.

  • Grand Reserve

    Appearance: Deep ruby red with reddish violet highlights.

    Nose: Intense nose of raspberry, black fruits, pepper and notes of toast.

    In mouth: Round and harmonious, plentiful fruit, with a smoky finish.

    Pairing recommendation: Pork loin with mustard sauce.

  • Grand Reserve

    Appearance: Deep red colour with violet highlights.

    Nose: Intense nose of raspberry, chocolate, menthol and a hint of smoke.

    In mouth: Smooth mouth entry, full on the palate and well-balanced.

    Pairing recommendation: Soused chicken.

  • Grand Reserve
    Pinot Noir

    Appearance: Cherry-coloured with red highlight. 

    Nose: Intense nose of strawberry, clove, coffee and toast.

    In mouth: Round palate, spicy, with smoky, with toasting notes in the finish.

    Pairing recommendation: Pork loin with wine sauce.

  • Grand Reserve

    Appearance: Straw yellow with gold highlights. 

    Nose: Intense nose of pineapple, vanilla and almond blossoms.

    In mouth: Fresh mouth entry; round in the middle-mouth with notes of citrus and pineapple; a long finish.

    Pairing recommendation: Curried chicken, sweet-and-sour dishes.

  • Grand Reserve
    Sauvignon Blanc

    Appearance: Bright greenish yellow.

    Nose: Intense nose of gooseberry, fresh hay, asparagus and apple.

    In mouth: Elegant with pleasant acidity and a long finish.

    Pairing recommendation: Crab, oysters.